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After years of loneliness and taking care of her two daughters by herself, popular HIV/AIDs activist Phenny Awiti might have found love if photos she’s been littering her timeline with are things to go by.

For starters, Phenny Awiti hails from Karachuonyo Kobuya and earned fame following her confidence to come out publicly and disclose her HIV status.

The single mother of two learnt that she was living with the virus after joining Asumbi Girls High School way back in 2007.

According to Phenny, she was born with the virus and that has not in any way deterred her spirit as a woman to go against any societal depression to fight for opportunities.

She has therefore been championing for a stigma free society through her YouTube Channel and Facebook account that enjoys a mammoth following.

Lately, the lass has been posting hint-photos of her and another light skinned man, steering rumors of having found a new love.

“we ( Faraja, Ahadi and myself), found love when we least expected to. What a beautiful feeling to have a HIV Negative man love me unconditionally!

It is truly beyond our HIV status. Whether on social media or privately…Let love reign. Thank you for being in our lives🙏🙏🙏” she captioned the photos below

Check out the photos below.

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