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Social Media has for close to a week sent into panic after word broke out that there’s an ugly STI in Migori county able to wipe life out of its victim within seven days.

Migori residents decided to baptize the hardcore ailment as ‘Jakadalla’, a famous ohangla artist.

On Tuesday, the singer said he does not have any problem with his fans naming a calamity after him following an uproar that his brand was being defamed.

Well, as it’s now emerging, the Migori County executive in charge of Health Dr. Isca Oluoch has said that they are not able to confirm the existence of the disease which is creating enormous anxiety on social media.

According to the executive, a team has been camping on the ground since the disease allegation started but no a single credible fact has been collected regarding existence of the infirmity.

Residents have therefore been asked to treat the infection as a social media rumor but reminded to engage in responsible sexual activities during the festive season.

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