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Joseph Agutu Obala, a Kisumu based bishop has been slapped with a 75-yr jail sentence after being found guilty to have slept with three under-age girls and infecting one with HIV.

The priest had been living with the three at an orphanage and according to court reports, the fella had been involving sexually with the kids including touching them inappropriately in their private parts.

He was able to commit the heinous acts 2 years ago in 2016 between the months of April and July after cheating the girls with an education support favor.

While trying to defend himself, the bishop claimed that the young girls had framed him and the whole issue highly fabricated.

He alleged that the three girls had boyfriends and were on many occasions using his phone to communicate with their lovers adding that the court had no evidence that he’s the one who’d infected one of the minors with the virus.

The court however confirmed that the prosecution had proved the case beyond reasonable doubt, continuing to sentence him to 75 years in prison.

He will serve 20 years each for the three counts of defilement and 15 years for transmitting HIV to a victim.

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