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Over a week ago, Migori residents decided to baptize an ugly STI after Ohangla artist Musa Jakadalla, a disease that Migori County Health officials have since confirmed to be a rumor and doesn’t exist.

On Thursday, social media woke to a fresh gist involving the artist following a drama that had transpired at Club Geo, a Nairobi based night club located along Tom Mboya street.

According to various posts on tabloids seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, it’s alleged that there was an attack at the club targeting the ‘Hera Remo’ hit-maker.

The 2:30AM incident left his pianist with a dislocated ankle, several others escaping unhurt.

Explaining the incident, the artist’s manager confirmed that a teargas canister was hurled towards the artist as he was entertaining revelers, sending him to an unconscious state while performing.

“At first when the canister started emitting smoke, he thought it was an ordinary club smoke machine. it’s Only after foam started oozing from his mouth that we realized it was not a normal smoke” said one his managers

He was rushed to a nearby hospital, treated and discharged. He is now in a stable condition.

His management has condemned the act stating that they’ll have to uncover the reason behind the unclear incident.

Musa Jakadalla is currently the talk of town after releasing the ‘Hera Remo’ video.

Watch it below.


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