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KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE being Kisumu’s premier entertainment website, we have been following what happens within Kisumu’s showbiz and throughout this year, our editors have at one time highlighted worth-mentioning videos from lakeside artists whenever they are released.

Well, below are some of the videos from Kisumu that our entertainment editors jointly think were 2018’s most well done master pieces.

What we considered is what might be so obvious: Good music to watch & listen to!

10. Ji’ Ario (Two of Us) – 411 Society

Released 10 months ago, this is a jam that has remained playable, thanks to its Afro Pop touch that doesn’t fade out fast.

411 Society which consists of 2 rappers and one RNB singer was formed in 2012 and ‘Ji Ariyo‘ is their 3rd video.

The group produces their own music as they own bragging rights to a state of the art recording studio.

This video was produced by Cornrows/Hittities Music

9. Nitavuma Kesho – Chain Lamar

Chain Lamar is regarded one of Kisumu’s best rappers. Apparently, he took it bit slow on this love story ‘Nitavuma Kesho’. The video talks about a struggling youth who is not even able to take care of himself following all it takes for one to rise to stardom and make it in life.

The video went viral after its release since Lamar featured Ciggie Johnson, a Kisumu based businessman and at the time of the video’s release, Ciggie was also a cast at the controversial reality TV show Nairobi Diaries.

Nasrah Jaan, a Kisumu sassy lass did well as the video’s vixen.

8. Teri Mos – Nahna

Nahna who hit instant fame after her ‘Paro’ video 2 years ago released ‘Teri Mos’ (Go Slow) video in August 2018.

Just before its release, the artist took social media by storm by flaunting steamy photos of her and a light-skinned man on her online platforms, only to turn out to be a pre-video hype as the gentleman was later featured in the video.

The video is about being patient when seeking love.

7. Baby Boy – Matamu

Marta Mumbua, a third year student at the Maseno University is well known for her curvaceous physique and is always not afraid of showing it off in her videos and during her shows.

‘Baby Boy’ video, released in October was considered one of Matamu’s most improved music videos.

Adonell Music produced the clip, audio produced and mastered by Boy David and Thamos, while the video was directed by Job Ng’weno.

6. Nare – Ken Natel ft. Sniper, Lang & I Fit

‘Nare’, a party song by Ken Natel is just three weeks old and according to our entertainment editors, Natel fairly gave his fans something worth listening to.

Most scenes were shot at a party spot and at Kisumu’s top car dealer yard, RANA Auto-Selection.

Ken Natel featured Sniper, Lang and I Fit.  Its audio was produced, mixed & mastered by Natel himself as the video was directed By Steven Storm. Check it out below.

5. Chain Lamar ft. Thelma – One In A Million

Chain Lamar featured Thelma on this love jam that was released on 2018’s Valentines Day.

Lamar who’s also a music writer is behind the jam which was shot at Kisumu’s White Hill Villa. Its slow urban flow makes the video worth listening to.

4. Ivi – The CBK

Consisting of three male vocalists, Allan, Alex and Stan, The CBK is Kisumu’s top boy-band. The three released ‘Ivi’ in July and what made it a unique jam is the fact that it was a totally different style from what the group has been performing.

The CBK has also worked with Collo (formerly of Kleptomaniax) on ‘One Day’, a 2017 release.

They shot to fame after ‘Siro’, an all time Kisumu favorite.

Here’s ‘Ivi’.

3. Nakupenda – Allan Kokhan

‘Nakupenda’ was first released in 2017 as an audio, the video came in 2018 and was exactly what Allan Kokhan’s fans were waiting for.

Produced by Crazy Monkey, Kisumu’s top producer, the video was directed by One Vibe’s Ken Suckre.

2. Nipe Nafasi – Matamu

‘Nipe Nafasi’ is the second video released by Matamu in 2018.

It’s about the struggles upcoming artists more so females have to face before they get recognized for shows and offered other show biz opportunities.

Produced by Boy David at Adonell Music and directed by Ng’weno Job, color grade by Big Chief.

1. Flag Ya Chuma – Chain Lamar ft. G Voc, Kato & Warlord

Well, this is not a video but still, we had to include this track as Kisumu Insyder’s Hotlist’s number one jam following its authenticity in rap.

Chain Lamar led this gang to come up with what has remained to be one of Kisumu’s best hip-hop track of 2018, though a diss-track.

It’s time for this jam’s video!

We have to recognize some of the artists who started from Kisumu and have now joined other markets, doing amazing works. Special shout outs to Nadia Mukami and Beryl Owano who’ve since decamped the Kisumu music scene.

Views expressed on this article remains a responsibility of KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE editors and not general opinions from Kisumu residents.

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We resume all our publications on 28th December 2018!

Have a happy festive season!

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