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Flamboyant singer and business lady Akothee on Friday arrived in Kisumu for a noble cause that has left many hearts warmed.

After the plight of a needy student living in Kitengela found its way to social media, the mother of five was touched by the fact that Gabriel Miseda Ogweno couldn’t join his dream school, Bondo based Maranda High School after receiving an admission letter.

Gabriel, 14, scored 440 marks in 2018’s KCPE and had emerged 3rd best nationwide, he however couldn’t join Maranda High School due to lack of school fees.

KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE has further established that Gabriel had been allowed to sit for the KCPE exam despite having an amount summing to KES 27,050 of fee arrears.

Akothee together with a number of partners including BLAZE by Safaricom, producer J. Blessing through Pace Foundation collected resources to aid Gabriel’s four year course at the prestigious national school.

On 11th January, Akothee’s lucrative motorcade snaked its way from Kisumu’s Acacia Hotel to Maranda town to pay Gabriel’s fees.

She was welcomed by the school’s principal Mr. Edwin Namachanja who introduced her to the students before the team handed the dummy cheque to the student who is now a form one at the institution.

“Please Ogweno do not let me down, I beg you” Akothee summarized her message to the student.

Here are some of the photos

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Here’s the video of Akothee issuing the dummy cheque.

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