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Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi [pictured] caused an ugly drama in an office at the Siaya County’s TSC office on Friday.

He allegedly slapped a female employee who is said to have refused to give out a number belonging to the Siaya director of Education, her boss as according to her, it was not procedural just to give out the contact to ‘strangers’.

The assaulted lady, Modester Anyuor, a HR officer at the Siaya TSC office revealed that Atandi attacked her together with a group of youths he’d stormed the office with.

“The MP entered our office and being oblivious to who he was, I asked the MP to introduce himself, but he put me off, demanding to see the director.

When I said the boss was not around, he demanded a phone number and when I refused, the MP slapped me.” Modester confessed

She further revealed that the youths who had accompanied the MP roughed her up and pushed her to the wall, asking why she could not give the MP her boss’s phone number, only to be rescued by her colleagues who heard the commotion.

Modester said the MP went on to protest saying that he could not in any way beg for the number from her since she was not ‘his type of slay-queen’ worth being pampered.

The lawmaker rejected any attempts to give his side of the story. According to a report seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, the MP turned against journalists who called him to seek clarifications on the matter.

“Just write anything you wish. In fact, delete my number and don’t ever call me again,” he said.

The incident comes barely three weeks after rogue youths associated with Mr Atandi attacked nominated MCA Winnie Otieno and smashed her car’s rare windscreen.

Nevertheless, last year, the MP also attacked an ODM youth official Edward Ogolla in Ugunja.

Police are now hunting for the law-maker in relation to the Friday incident.

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