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Reader advised of plain morgue photos used on this article.!

Sickening photos have emerged explaining the sorry status of the Homa Bay County Hospital Mortuary and wards. Images showing corpses stuffed in faulty cold boxes, some lying on bare work tables and fully packed wards of up-to 3 patients sharing a bed.

As you get deeper to the hospital from the main gate, one is met with a foul smell emanating from the kitchen direction, the same direction where the horrendous mortuary is located.

A spot check at the morgue by a social media user reveals a nauseating state of the county facility set to be a top health service provider.

The hospital’s morgue and wards are reported to be in messy conditions with no proper amenities to support the specified activities inside the facility. Corpses are stacked, some on broken tables with a few still clothed on civilian attires they were brought in with.

According to a number of junior staff working at the facility, they talk of frequent threats issued from their seniors of being fired when they point out the sorry situation of their working place.

The photos which are now doing rounds on social media have caused a stir online and elicited sharp reactions from netizens who are now demanding for a speedy action towards recovering the status of the facility.

The post seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE also claims that the facility’s administrator is fond of pocketing funds meant for the hospital’s renovation.

A report by the Auditor General Edward Ouko’s confirms that a contractor received a sum of over KES 110M to aid the hospital’s renovation.

Delta Trade Company, a Turkish company signed an MOU in 2018 for the up-lifting of the troubled facility to an ultra-modern hospital, nothing is said to be going on after a ground breaking ceremony of the project costing KES 3.8B was held at the facility’s premises.

Well, according to a presser on Wednesday Jan 30th, the Homa Bay County CEC for Health refuted claims that the facility is in a pathetic situation as depicted by online users.

This is after a section of press men visited the hospital on Tuesday afternoon to verify facts regarding the status of the morgue and wards but were blocked from accessing any of the premises aonly to be asked to wait for a Tuesday morning presser.

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Additional Info/Photos: Newton Kapiyo (Facebook)

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