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Lovers of the Nuteez Peanut Butter could no longer be seeing it on retail outlets following a notice from the Govt. chemist rendering the commodity unfit for human consumption.

This follows tests that found a contaminated batch in Nandi County. The peanut butter was found to have exceeded the maximum required limit for total aflatoxins (10ppb) hence not fit for human use.

The Director of Public Health Kepha M. Ombacho has therefore asked all County Public Health Officers to ensure the peanut butter brand is withdrawn from the market and submitted to the government laboratory for further analysis.

The manufacturer of the product, Jetlak Foods Limited, in a separate notice has however disassociated itself from the allegations through a letter, denying knowledge of any contamination of their products.

“As Jetlak Foods Limied we are not in receipt of any letter or correspondence thereof from the Ministry of Interior and we are thus in the process if investigating the purported claim,” read the company statement.



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