File photo of a body being ferried from a crime scene
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Residents of Bondo town of Siaya County have been left shocked following a bizarre incident that involved a primary teacher taking his own life after being accused of stealing 2 laptops.

The equipment allegedly stolen belonged to the institution the deceased worked for, Migiro Primary School.

According to a suicidal note he left behind, Elkana Owino Omondi got frustrated following the accusation, claiming that there is no way he was going to produce items he had knew nothing about.

His body was found by his wife dangling on the roof of his rental house in Nango trading Centre on Wednesday evening. Nobody was home when he committed the act.

In a separate note penned by Elkana, he insisted that two of his colleagues were behind his tribulations and pointed out that the two will live to regret their wicked plans.

Neighbors suggested that the father of ten might have been undergoing a number of issues that led him to fall into depression.

His body was ferried to the Bondo hospital mortuary as police launched an investigation into the matter.

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