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Heavily pregnant socialite Bridget Achieng has now come out clean on reasons that led her to change her once dark skin color.

According to a mainstream interview on 30th January, the cast at the scandalous reality TV show Nairobi Diaries representing Kisumu took time to explain how she couldn’t land any deal when she was dark-skinned.

She often got jealous at how her fair-skinned friends always attracted men and got opportunities for lucrative dealings.

Bridget went ahead to reveal an ordeal years ago when she failed to secure a chance in an acting audition simply because her skin was not what the judge was looking for.

On many occasions, the mum to be was applauded for her acting talent but ignored for roles as her skin color wasn’t charming to the camera.

“When I was 22-years old, I went for acting auditions but I failed to qualify due to the colour of my skin. In one of the auditions, I was the best candidate but the judge told me my skin tone was not what they wanted.

Sometimes, I would go out with my friends and men would approach them because of their skin tone, and not even look my way because I was dark.

Dark skinned Bridget
Dark skinned Bridget

I also had self-esteem issues growing up. I vowed to bleach when I got money and in 2014, when I landed employment, I decided to bleach my skin,” the mum to be narrated

She therefore went against all odds and took the decision of completely changing her skin to become the light-skinned beauty we see today.

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