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After the body of Mildred Odira was found at the City Mortuary, the family now alleges that they are no longer safe as they keep receiving threats from unknown people following their pursuit to unravel the killers of their sibling.

Mildred’s brother, Carrington Odira explained how he was trailed by two people using an unregistered motorbike on Monday evening to deliver a chilling message to him.

“We left there at 8 in the night and there were two guys following us – me and my cousin Boniface Kaseo. Today in the morning around 7, I opened my gate and found two guys on a motorcycle and they told me ‘drop Mildred’s case or follow your sister’… I reported the matter to Tassia police,” said CARRINGTON

The terrified but also defiant brother has however confirmed that he will not be cowed and is ready to die to get to the bottom of his sister’s murder.

“Even with all these threats, I am not moved, if Milly’s case will take me to the ground, I am ready, so be it,” he said. “It is so painful, mtu anachinja mtoto wenu kama Mildred then again come to threaten you. Let them come and kill me but the truth will stand.”

Mildred went missing on Tuesday of January 29th, only to be found a week later lifeless and body grossly mutilated at the City Mortuary.

More reports indicate that she had deep cuts on the forehead, neck and navel — injuries that seemed to have been inflicted with a sharp object.

Mildred Odira
Mildred Odira

Her limbs had been crushed, what is thought to be a vehicle having run over them. Investigations are ongoing.

 Mildred was an employee of Foresight Company, a company contracted by the Nation Media Group.

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