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A Kisumu court has ruled that the National Police Service is liable for the death of Baby Pendo, the six-month-old who was brutally murdered during the 2017 post poll clashes that struck the lakeside city.

Senior police commanders have been found culpable for her death which occurred in their Nyalenda house.

The then six-month-old baby was clobbered to death inside her father’s home by anti-riot police who were out to quell the poll protests.

She died after three days while undergoing treatment at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Aga Khan Hospital, Kisumu.

The magistrate said that the evidence adduced in court overwhelmingly indicts senior police officers.

According to the ruling, action has also been called on a platoon of 30 GSU officers who’d been deployed to control protests in Nyalenda that fateful night.

Among the top commanders found culpable for the death include:

  • Former Kisumu County police commander Titus Yoma
  • Current Kisumu County AP boss Benjamin Koima.
  • Ex Kisumu central police OCS John Thiringi
  • Chief Inspector Linah Kogei in charge Nyalenda police post and
  • Ex Kisumu OCPD Mutune Maweu

The ruling is set to be shared with the office of DPP for further investigations into the officers mentioned for failing to adhere to their professional rules to keep law and order but instead cause mayhem among the people.

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