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Mishi Dorah is one of Kisumu’s renowned actresses, currently making a name for herself in Kenya’s most competitive showbiz field.

Having started from the bottom as a SIM card vendor at a Safaricom shop in the streets of Kisumu, Mishi now owns bragging rights as a few of the local Kenyan celebrities who’ve been featured in Nollywood movies.

The mother of two was part of ‘The Naked Covenant’, a Nigerian love story about two lovers Dubem (Chris Okorondu) and Ifunanya (Mishi Dora) released in 2018.

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The production reveals horrifying challenges the lovebirds face as they try to cement their love amid all the tribulations cast on them.

The ‘Nairobi Diaries’ cast is also part of a number of fashion endorsements where she represents various clothing brands as their ambassadors.


Well, her over 100K gram followers have been left charmed after the actress posting a series of steamy photos exposing acres of her bare behinds.

“That moment you realise that you carrying your problems behind you…(Real ones have dimples)” she captioned the photos below.

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