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Over a fortnight now, singer Akothee has been on the receiving end of social media moral cops after she posted a series of photos that were considered raunchy.

The photos were from a live concert at Watamu’s Papa Remo Beach where the singer treated her fans to a night-long song and dance to all her jams.

Many attacked her for posting unethical images online but as the singer is well known to be one who barely takes social media bullying lying down, she’s been firing back at trolls and tearing into moral watchdogs.

Here’s the full video from the controversial concert.

Well, in an interview, the singer when asked if she can now abandon her controversial secular life and join the gospel industry, she claimed Kenyan gospel is full of hypocrisy and she’s not ready to hide her real self so as to please social media.

“Yani kule gospel ntaenda kufanya nini kule manake kutakua na masharti mengi, usivae hivi usifanye hivi

(WoulD I really fit in the gospel industry because I’m sure I’ll be expected to change my way of life like my dressing and so many other things)” she said

She also mentioned that one thing that would make her reluctant to join the gospel fraternity is the fact that industry is full of hypocrisy.

This she explained asking why gospel artists throng secular joints and events for performances and social fun when secular artists aren’t allowed to perform at ‘religious’ concerts.

Here’s the interview courtesy of Mseto EA.

The singer is also preparing for a major World Tour that is scheduled for May, June & July.


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