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A video has gone viral of two people, one, a Samsung employee and the other an intern on probation getting physical at the Mega Plaza based Samsung offices.

The trending video was recorded on Thursday afternoon as drama unfolded in the outlet.

According to a communication made directly to the Samsung office, KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE has established that the lady on the video identified as Louisa was brought on board by the branch’s manager close to three months ago as an intern to be later hired if confirmed an asset to the firm’s Kisumu office.

She is said to have involved herself in what the manager said was an irregularity in line with Samsung’s policies.

The lady allegedly collected money from a client for a service that was meant to be offered for free by the company, this led to her suspension a week ago, Thursday 21st February.


A week later, she is reported to have stormed the office to demand for pay, according to the manager, interns aren’t paid until they’re fully hired by the company.

“She stormed the office on thursday afternoon drunk and demanded to be paid, destroying office equipment and throwing some at me. At that point, I had to come in and protect myself and the company assets” said the manager

He said the lady vandalized property belonging to the company, creating mayhem amid other staffs trying to calm the situation.

Below are photos of items alleged to have been damaged by the lady.

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When contacted through a phone call to narrate her own side of the story, the lady declined to open up about the Thursday drama.

Here’s the trending video.

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