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A teacher in Homa Bay has left many shocked after it emerged that he uses his pupils as errand people to purchase him his a local drink he’s baptized ‘energizer’ – chang’aa.

It’s alleged that he sends the young kids to illicit brew dens during class hours and consumes it at the presence of his ‘messengers’.

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A section of parents from the Ndhiwa based primary school are now demanding that the school head’s services at the poorly performing institution should be terminated.

Not only are the parents aware of this unruly behavior but also his colleagues have often complained about the same, terming their head as a reckless drunk who goes to the extent of felling trees in the school compound for charcoal or timber to finance his habit.

He’s since been nicknamed ‘Mr. Energizer’ by his pupils.

Last week, a crowd of parents stormed the school demanding that he should quit, attaching the school’s dismal perfomance academically and high indiscipline to the head teacher’s perpetual intoxication.

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