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Less than a week ago, comedian Eric Omondi was caught in an online scandal via a city woman who took to social media to share her experience with the high-flying act.

According to a post seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, Eric Omondi was accused of abandoning a car he’d hired while on a visit to Mombasa.

The woman, identified as Wambui, runs a car hire business and was glad to serve Eric on 16th January. The comedian was to return the vehicle 3 days later on the 19th January.

According to Wambui, Eric dumped the car at the Moi International Airport and didn’t bother calling neither the driver who’d handed him the vehicle nor Wambui, the owner of the car hire company he’d used its services.


It was later towed to the Airport Police station after 11PM having spent the entire day wrongly parked according to the police who had been watching the vehicle as soon as the comedian abandoned it to catch his flight back to Nairobi.

The woman says she reached to Eric and indeed he admitted having left the car with registration number KAH 307U at the aiport and forgot to call them for it to be picked.

Wambui was forced to part with a total of KES 15,000 to have her vehicle released from the airport police, (KES 7,500 for towing, KES 5,000 for obstruction and an additional KES 2,500 for 5 days parking at the airport)

The vehicle had to spend 5 days at the Moi Int’l Airport as the police insisted only Wambui who was then in Nairobi could pick the vehicle after proving ownership.

As per the screenshots shared by the woman, Eric Omondi has been blue-ticking her and not saying a word after she asked him to refund the KES 15,000 expense she’d incurred following the comedian’s act.

Here are the screenshots.

Eric Omondi 1 Eric Omondi 2 Eric Omondi 3 Eric Omondi 4 Eric Omondi 5 Eric Omondi 6

According to gram posts on Eric Omondi’s page, the comedian was indeed in Mombasa on the said dates.

What remains is his side of the story as our attempts to reach him via calls went unanswered at the time this story was going online.

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