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Leader of the Repentance & Holiness Ministry Prophet David Owuor is well known for his grandiose lifestyle.

Owuor who’s been nicknamed the ‘Mighty Prophet of the Lord’ by his church continues to raise eyebrows following his way of living that is nothing less than a high ranked state official.

Less than a week ago, he was exposed to have fraudulently dispossessed a property worth billions of Kenyan shillings from a wealthy woman, a member of his controversial ministry.

Owuor, who resides in a palatial home in Nairobi’s Runda area has a number of personal and domestic workers including drivers, gate/house keepers who in total pocket up-to KES 1M monthly in salaries, expenses alleged to be financed by his ‘brain-washed’ followers.


He has three drivers with a monthly salary of KES 100,000 and two security officers manning his compound also pocketing KES 100,000 every month. Junior staffs in this category are paid KES 70,000 each.

Three of the four housekeepers at Owuor’s home are paid KES 52,000 as one is entitled to KES 20,000. 2 gate-men in the home are paid KES 50,000 monthly.

According to documents seized by detectives regarding the ongoing investigations accusing Owuor of defrauding his church member properties worth fortunes, he is also believed to have purchased up-to 10 luxurious vehicles through monthly proceeds he receives from the apartments.

These include 6 sleek Mercedes-Benz vehicles and a 2014 Range Rover estimated to be costing KES 4.9M.

The apartments are said to be generating about KES 10M monthly in rent, finances that has been going to Owuor’s ministry for the last 12 years.


The woman that is alleged to have surrendered her property to Owuor has since been hospitalized by her family to ascertain what drugs, if any, were used to weaken her memory and will.

Jayne Muthoni, 62 is a multi-billionaire who ditched her judicial role to fully finance and support Owuor’s ministry.

She was a lawyer to the late former VC George Saitoti who is said to have transferred a number of properties to her name across the country and is now proven to be living in abject poverty.

The woman’s family also claims Owuor defrauded their sister of more than KES 800M.

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