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KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KEKisumu’s leading entertainment website is looking to bring on board a number of highly motivated individuals on editorial internship or full time writers.

Kisumu Insyder is part of a consumer internet company that aspires to be the best in the market we operate in and we would therefore need to continue feeding our online audience and daily website readers with more content from diverse authors.

You can be one of our contributors in three very simple ways:

  • Registering a temporary account with us as an intern and submitting articles that upon approval, shall go online on our website under your name/account. One can only be an intern at KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE for a maximum of three months, thereafter can be absorbed fully if proven an asset to the platform.
  • You can apply to be a full time writer with us with set targets and expectations put down in order to attract a monthly retainer plus commission on stories published from your account. Proof of previous relevant works must be submitted for consideration.
  • You can also choose to send stories to our editors via our public channels. If your story is of interest, confirmed credible and goes online on our website, we have reward schemes depending on traffic created by your story. All those who send us stories/external contributors must reveal their official identities as required by our editorial guidelines. The direct links to our editorial desk is: editorial@kisumuinsyder.co.ke or call/whatsapp +254 733 333 833.

We major our content on entertainment and social news.

As one of the writers/contributors to our online content, we shall expect you to have a cutting-edge writing ability, basic digital skills and a nose for trending & extremely viral stories.

Creativity in generating articles and sourcing social/entertainment/trending online publications that rake in the desired online traffic is a key ability to have.

In addition, vast knowledge of happenings within areas of our operation as (Kisumu & its immediate environs) acts as an instant advantage for writers/editorial interns.

You can also be part of this team made up of focused online enthusiasts if you have sharp sales skills as we also merge our editorial responsibilities with professional online marketing for corporates.

For sales opportunities details, reach us directly via a phone call.

Have what it takes to be part of this expanding platform, hit us up right now!

Call/WhatsApp us via our official contacts: +254 733 333 833

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