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Judith Ogaga, the Central Kisumu Ward MCA has fled from her marital home after alleging that her husband has an uncontrolled high appetite for bedroom matters.

She narrated that whenever she refuses to give in to her husband’s almost daily desire, she gets pounded.

According to the politician’s husband, this is the fourth time the woman is parking out of their matrimonial home following prolonged domestic disputes.

The husband, Collins Ariko, however, accused his wife of being abusive and promiscuous soon after being an MCA.

The woman is reported to have gone to stay with her brother in Siaya County.

She explained that the man even demands for sex in front of their kids and would scream if not granted his conjugal wish.

“There is a day he beat me up and poured cold water on me while I was in bed. There is a day he almost ran over me with a car. I had to escape” the woman recalled

Not only is the woman not happy with her husband’s ‘weird’ appetite but she claims the man at one time brought in an escort to their home as a temporary wife when they’d fallen out.

The husband has rubbished claims that he is a bedroom bully and insisted that it’s his wife who is unfaithful in their marriage.

The man claims that he funds the woman’s lavish lifestyle revealing that a bank loan she took to purchase a lorry with him as her guarantor almost led them to losing all they had worked for.

He added that the MCA also sold one of their vehicles to finance her campaigns.

Last week, the man says he tried blocking his wife from driving out so that they could discuss their marital problems but instead, the woman allegedly started calling for help through phone calls.

“Three heavily-built men came to the compound and roughed me up as my wife instructed them to forcefully take the keys from my pockets. They assaulted me and I sustained injuries on my jaw,” the MCA’s husband said

The MCA however denied hiring goons to discipline her husband saying that she only called her cousin after being attacked by her man.

According to the politician, her husband is so violent and has on many occasions fled from her marital home.

Despite having a troubled marriage, her husband has made it clear that he’s been willing to iron out issues but his wife has proved difficult.

Additional Info: Nairobian

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