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An online brawl has ensued between Germany based online radio host Terry Chocolat and popular rhumba artist Wuod Fibi ‘Engineer’.

According to an online post seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, Terry, a former vocal presenter at Ramogi FM exposes the artist after having vowed to paralyze her online job.

Terry who is popular for her online radio ‘Proud Chocolate’ and live social media videos dancing to Luo hit songs reveals that she’s been supporting a number of artists through her platforms at no fee since what she does is purely out of passion and her love for Luo music.

According to the lady, she is not happy with one specific artist, Wuod Fibi, who she claims she’s been helping through her platforms too.

She says that she started promoting Barikiwa Music, a production house associated with Wuod Fibi at no pay way back in 2015  because she felt the fella was both a talented producer and singer.

Online Radio Host - Terry Chocolat
Online Radio Host – Terry Chocolat

She has been going live on social media dancing to music produced by Barikiwa Studios (Wuod Fibi), editing them before taking them to her official platforms.

“I edit my YouTube videos for better quality because I don’t want to play distorted music from facebook live on YouTube” terry confirmed

The two have since been good friends until claims of the artist showing interest in taking their friendship a bit further.

“This woman eater who refuses to stop reducing every woman to a sex object and whom i have for the past 5 yrs insisted to that my connection to him is only through music and nothing more has been frustrating me despite me promoting his music.

“He started forcing me to love him and when i refused he started frustrating me” Terry spilled the beans to her online followers.

The lady went ahead to share notification screenshots of deleted videos from her YouTube channel, thanks to Wuod Fibi who allegedly reported her work to YouTube under copyright grounds.


Well, KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE contacted Wuod Fibi and the artist rubbished such claims, terming Terry’s accusations as malicious and out to taint his brand’s name.

The producer claimed that the reason why she had to report Terry’s videos to YouTube is because she was not getting direct permissions from the artists whose songs he used in her edited videos, not because he was denied access to her honeypot.

“I work so hard to promote and build my own artists, then all she does is go live dancing to their songs, later claim she’s promoting them. I do all the work in trying to publicize the artists I work with” Wuod Fibi said

The artist has distanced himself from allegations of showing sexual advances to the renowned radio host.

Wuod Fibi, Artist/Producer
Wuod Fibi, Artist/Producer

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