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Top Kisumu comedian Simy on Saturday held the 4th edition of the now popular comedy event ‘Untold Look’ at the Jumuia  Hotel.

The event according to reviews seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE was a huge success and gave its fans value for their tickets.

Over 10 comedians from EA performed at the 5 hour showdown which was well attended and standards met.

Top celebrities and Kisumu artists graced the event with elegant fashion being witnessed.

Simy, the brainchild behind the event has promised his fans more to come and better days for ‘Untold Look’ Comedy brand.

Below are some of the photos from the evening event.
FB_IMG_1554106900000 FB_IMG_1554106933455 FB_IMG_1554106872304 FB_IMG_1554106966725 FB_IMG_1554106952811 FB_IMG_1554106962110 FB_IMG_1554106861891 FB_IMG_1554108387503 FB_IMG_1554106852164 FB_IMG_1554106891780 FB_IMG_1554106857410

FB_IMG_1554110784125 FB_IMG_1554110695695 FB_IMG_1554110708379 FB_IMG_1554110817795 FB_IMG_1554110735405 FB_IMG_1554110744463 FB_IMG_1554110773015 FB_IMG_1554110755078

Photos: Untold Look (Facebook)/Small Tedd

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