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Close to a fortnight ago, a controversial photo of Gor Mahia coach Hassan Oktay clinging to a curvaceous ‘slay queen’ emerged online.

According to Kenyans online who are well known to come into their own conclusions, many rumored the two to be having a steamy affair.

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A week later, the Caucasian coach was forced to make it clear that he’d just met a fan who wanted a photo with him, there’s nothing romantic between them.

Well, the identity of the lady has been revealed, Cynthia Nafula who’s popular as Cindie Michaels on social media.

She’s a diploma student at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC), where she was the Miss KIMC in 2017.

Cindie Michaels

According to the lass with an astounding beauty, she too has denied claims of dating the coach.

She insists she just asked for the photo being that she’d met Oktay for the first time and was excited taking a photo with him at Camp Toyoyo.

“That someone decided to share the picture on social media does not imply we are an item, does it? Honestly speaking, the coach is social, free, humble, loving and respects everyone, but we’re not dating,” she says.

Cindie Michaels

The beauty who is an ardent supporter of AFC Leopards explained that she happened to come across the coach at Camp Toyoyo, a venue where she and her colleagues are shooting a documentary about the state of local football.

She has therefore made it clear that they are not an item.

The controversial photo of coach Oktay and Cindie
The controversial photo of coach Oktay and Cindie
Additional Info: SDE

Oktay rubbished the same rumors mentioning that he respects his family and that he’s in Kenya for work and not having time for girls.

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