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After a sharp misunderstanding with a popular producer which led to Terry Chocolat losing all her YouTube videos, the lass has since resurfaced with a new platform urging her loyal followers to be part of her new journey.

YouTube was forced to delete her influential channel which had over 16,000 subscribers after allegations that her content was violating copyright policies.

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A number of her videos were reported by Wuod Fibi, a producer who claimed Terry Chocolate was illegally using his artists’ content and directly benefiting from music she didn’t own, something the presenter disapproved.

“I never made even a single cent with the music I promoted. My constant promotion is what made those musicians gain the publicity enough to be booked in clubs 24/7 and be booked in gigs in the diaspora” terry exclusively told kisumuinsyder.co.ke

Terry Chocolat
Terry Chocolat

She added that all she does is for fun and that she doesn’t earn a cent from her YouTube activities.

“I am passionate about Luo artists & music. I want them to do better than my generation and the past have done. That’s why I go out of my way to support them by promoting their music for free”

Having a daytime job as a Communications Assistant at an Engineering company based in the free city of Hamburg, Germany, she says she’s not in a position to rob artists who are trying to make a living from their music as claimed by the producer.

“YouTube is just but a marketing platform. Nobody can rely on it for payment. People make money on YouTube by being paid by those who want their content marketed. I do mine for free and for fun” she explained

Terry who also boasts of owning a complete recording studio now plans to setup a label to nurture upcoming talents and promote local artists abroad.


Well, the Germany based media personality has since re-appeared with a new channel which already has over 900 subscribers barely a week after its creation.

She has uploaded at least 23 videos.

Click here to subscribe to Terry Chocolat’s new YouTube channel.

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