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The National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) registration exercise was launched nationwide but was temporarily suspended in Kisumu on Wednesday.

The suspension was linked to registration officials failing to show up at the designated stations on Wednesday.

According to the Kisumu County Commissioner Pauline Dola, some crucial documents which were to facilitate the 45-day exercise were missing.

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Kisumu residents were left stranded at major registration centers as the venues remained locked the entire Wednesday.

The exercise which seeks to register all Kenyans in the new digital database is however expected to resume on Thursday upon receiving the documents whose nature she didn’t reveal.

Well, according to a copy of the registration form, one is allowed to list up-to 5 spouses, something that has elicited heated debate online.


Many feel Africans are naturally polygamous and that the 5 spaces for filling in the spouses’ names is just ordinary.

Another section of critics however think that this is a way of fueling multi-partner relationships which in most cases have ended up breaking homes.

For starters, NIIMS is a mass biometric registration system introduced by the government to create, manage and store Kenya’s population data.

Biometric data means unique identifiers or attributes including fingerprints, hand geometry, earlobe geometry, retina and iris patterns, voice waves and DNA samples.

The system will require data for Kenyans aged six and above, and foreigners living in the country.

NIIMS will integrate GPS monitoring for persons applying for new identification cards as they will be required to provide information about their postal address, land reference number and plot or house number.

To register, one is required to carry original copies of their identification documents such as ID, birth certificate, driving license, KRA pin and most importantly, their physical presence at the station.

Upon registration, one will be given a Huduma Namba which will assign a personal unique identification to facilitate government services.

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