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An unknown man has left many shocked after opening up on how a section of boda boda operators defile and steal from their wealthy female clients.

In a post seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, the Homa Bay resident confirms that ‘boda boda’ riders in the lakeside town have little reputation from members of the public due to the atrocities leveled against them.

Most of them are considered ill-mannered as confessed by the operator through the ‘TOBOA’ platform being run by popular blogger Xtian Dela.

“Hello everyone I’m in Homabay. And am a bodaboda driver na huku bodaboda huwa zimeharibiwa jina sana so we take advantage of that.

Kama mimi personally, nikibeba mwanamke nakaa ako na pesa huwa namkimbiza kwa msitu nampora na naacha nimemrape then natoroka”

(Hello everyone. I’m in Homa Bay and I’m a boda-boda rider, in this region we don’t have a good reputation and therefore most of us take advantage of that.

Like me personally, whenever I meet a flashy female client, I forcefully ride her to the forest, defile her and steal everything from her then I take off”

The man went ahead to give an instance where he almost contracted HIV after sleeping with a woman he didn’t know.

He says he diverted from where he was supposed to drop the lady and took her to a thicket where he raped and stole her valuables.

“Nilipo maliza akaniambia ako positive na amenishikisha ukimwi” he said

(When done she confessed that she had HIV and that she’d contracted me the virus)

According to the man, he immediately purchased a bottle of Methylated Spirit, Dettol, and Harpic, liquids that he used to clean his nether regions.

He alleges that he went for a test the following day and he was found negative.

Here’s the bizarre confession of the anonymous boda-boda rider that has left many puzzled.


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