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A female Maseno University student has left hearts throbbing after confessing why she has been forced to infect at least two comrades with HIV during every campus event.

Through the anonymous ‘TOBOA’ confession app, the student narrated an ordeal she went through in her first days of her first year which led her to contracting the virus.

Having been admitted at the Maseno University on 8th September 2014, the lady whose username is ‘Calmness’ on the app revealed that before joining campus, she was a ‘naive girl raised in a christian family’.

She alleges being a virgin at the time she was starting a new life at Maseno University, having been under strict parents for almost 17 years.

During the freshers’ bash, a party meant to welcome all new students to the university, the lady claims she decided to let her freedom take over.

“Fellow friends introduced me to weed and alcohol that night and I couldn’t resist lest I stood the odd one out.

A few blunts that night and I blacked out right at GSQ. I was raped, I don’t know by who and by how many.” she posted

Months later, she started losing weight, feeling generally sick and weak. She confirmed her fears after visiting the varsity hospital, she tested positive.

“I was stressed and thought of ending my life. I couldn’t continue with my studies and I had to defer for one academic year” she wrote

She was later put on ARVs after some counselling but vowed not to be on the drugs alone, according to the confession seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE.

“Afterwards, I resumed my studies and I resolved to give back to Maseno society what they gave me” she said

The lady confirmed that in all events organized in the school, she ensures she randomly sleeps with at least two comrades without protection, willingly contracting them with the virus.

“From Tsunami, EQ, Mak Annexes hostels to Jojo and environs, huko kwote nimeacha alama. They have to feel what I felt”

She even threatened to come up with a list of fellas she has slept with and will graduate having contracted HIV from her.

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