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A Kisumu family walked away with a cool $ 50,000 (approx. KES 5M) on Ellen Degeneres’ ‘The Ellen Show.’

The family of four consisting of a Achieng’ Agutu who studies in the US was reunited after not seeing each other for close to two years.

Achieng’s parents are in Kenya while her brother lives in South Africa.

Achieng’, a big fan of the ‘Ellen Show’ was invited on the stage by the host as the show went on to explain her experience in the US.

“I moved here (to the U.S) about five years ago for higher education and it’s been amazing but it’s also been really hard for my family back in Kenya because they’ve honestly done every single thing from selling land to taking loans to be able to pay my school fees and make sure that I’m comfortable,” said Achieng.

She went on to disclose that to meet her financial needs, she has up-to six jobs a day.

“I work one full-time job, I’m an admissions counselor at Holy Cross College, but then I babysit for two families; I wash people’s cars and clean their houses; I’m an Uber driver; I also teach English to internationals students.”

Not knowing that her parents and brother were behind the stage watching, Achieng’ is tricked by Ellen to a video call.

The host (Ellen) video calls Achieng’s family and as the four starts getting social, signal ‘goes down’ and Ellen pretends to head towards the video control room to fix the signal.

Her parents and brother emerge from backstage, leaving the girl in great surprise.

Achieng' Agutu, her family with Ellen
Achieng’ Agutu, her family with Ellen

The now excited family are asked to play a game where they are required to pick one card from a group of three – labeled 1,2,3 – with different figures inscribed at the back.

Luckily, the 4 select card number 2 which comes contains the highest amount of the three cards, a sum of $50,000.

Here’s the full video.

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