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A Kisumu house-help has left a section of residents in an estate tongue-tied after an incident that happened on Sunday around 2AM.

The girl who’s in her early twenties has been working for a single mother who stays in the drama-marred estate for close to 7 months, since November 2018.

Her employer according to our source is a party animal who leaves no event at chance in the lakeside city, gracing city clubs in most weekends.

Trouble started in February when the girl’s employer defaulted in paying her January salary and asked her to be patient as times were hard.

“both the woman and The house-help are very good friends of mine. we are next door neighbours. early march, the girl confided in me that she had not been paid her salary since January.

I asked her to be patient as her employer could be facing normal financial crisis. she agreed to wait.

i promised to talk to her boss too” said *jay (our source, not her real name)

She however started sighting foul play in April when her employer dropped a lavish birthday party for herself at a city restaurant, inviting her friends who made merry till the wee hours of the night, spoiling themselves silly.

“I didn’t attend the party as I was on a work assignment in a different city for two weeks” *jay CLARIFIED

According to photos received and seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, the party was grand and opulent as the invited guests turned up in costly dress codes.

This, got the house-help thinking.


She decided to inquire about her salary but her boss insisted that she still had no money to settle her dues which were now three months late.

“the girl was now dead broke and couldn’t even support her family back in her rural home. I approached her boss who promised to settle the girl’s four month end of April” Jay said

The girl kept her cool and waited for her usual payment date in May but her employer said nothing positive, she asked her to wait a little longer.

Jay says she kept asking the girl to be considerate as she talks to her friend, the girl’s employer.

Hell broke lose last weekend on Saturday when the woman left the house dressed flamboyantly to attend an event in town.

That evening, she told the girl that she was just on a normal errand and would be sorted end of this month (May).

“She left the house around 6PM and by 9PM, she went live on facebook, her table littered with expensive drinks & delicacies.

her female friends were cheering ‘their sponsor’. that time found when the house-help had visited me in my house” Jay said

The girl got furious and excused herself to go back to her employer’s house. The woman is said to have staggered her way back home around 3AM on Sunday to a thorough beating.

Jay says she heard screams and thought the house-help had been attacked by thugs.

“I woke up my husband and as we got to my friend’s house, we confirmed that her house-help had descended on her, disciplining the woman for playing games with her salary.

the girl was on her neck, demanding for her 4-month dues that moment.

We pleaded with the house-help to open the door and calm down before other neghbours could start milling at the scene” recalls Jay

The girl forcefully searched her employer’s expensive handbag and ended up finding sums of money which she confiscated and ordered her to send the full balance via MPESA that same moment, something the woman did with no further excuses.

The girl packed her things that early morning and stormed out of the apartment, leaving the woman in dismay.

According to screenshots received by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, the woman has pleaded with Jay not to let the cat out of the bag as she was just planning to pay her house-help on Sunday morning, hours before she was beaten to pulp.


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