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A Homa Bay woman who has left many puzzled after a bizarre act has now elicited more confusion after she was confirmed having not been pregnant as she claimed.

Following a medical examination carried on her on Thursday, Beryl Akinyi who had buried 2 baby dolls in Kamsama village in Suba North, claiming that they were her dead ‘twins’, did not give birth recently as she had alleged.

The woman and her husband had earlier informed their kin and neighbours that they had been blessed with twins who died at birth.

Akinyi’s husband who is a carpenter in Mbita, made two coffins on Tuesday morning and took them to Kabunde Airstrip to wait for his wife who was ‘flying from Nairobi with the bodies’.

On arrival, they stuffed the ‘babies’ in the coffins and hurriedly took them home for burial in a hired vehicle.

Members of the extended family say they were not allowed to view the bodies except for the couple and one other unidentified mourner.

Neighbours became suspicious after a burial that looked malicious. According to witnesses, the couple buried the ‘twins’ without involving their relatives or friends.

On Wednesday, curious villagers exhumed the ‘bodies’, only to find dolls wrapped in towels inside the caskets.

The two were arrested and are being detained as investigations are being carried out.

The motive of the bizarre act is not yet known.

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