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Popular HIV/AIDs activist Phenny Awiti has quenched the thirst of hundreds of her followers who’d for a long time wanted to see her new catch, a Caucasian man she had been flaunting his body parts on social media.

The mother of 2 who hails from Karachuonyo, Kobuya earned enormous fame following her confidence to come out publicly and disclose her HIV status.

This was after she learnt that she was living with the virus after joining Asumbi Girls High School way back in 2007.

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According to Phenny, she was born with the virus and that has not in any way deterred her spirit as a woman to go against any societal depression to fight for opportunities.

She has therefore been championing for a stigma free society through her social media platforms which enjoy huge following.

Phenny Awiti
Phenny Awiti

Well, according to a photo she shared online, Phenny is in love again after facing severe heartbreaks.

After keeping her followers waiting for months, she finally unveiled the face of her new man.

“Never seen patient people as you people! Finally the final portrait of what we have been drawing is out” she captioned the photo below


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