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There was heavy drama over the weekend at a petrol station along Nairobi Rd after two police officers demanded for free fuel from a petrol station attendant past midnight.

AP Constable Julius Oduor (Maramanthi AP Post, Tharaka Nithi) and Valentine Ochieng’ (Mogotio Police Station) were arrested after beating up a petrol attendant for defying their orders to fill the tanks of two motor bikes they were travelling in.

According to motorbike riders who were present during the bizarre incident, the attention of the two was drawn to a tanker which was emptying fuel at the petrol station around 1AM.

The officers then demanded for free fuel, drama erupted when the cops started beating up the attendant and the tanker driver for refusing their weird order.

Nearby motorbike riders were forced to intervene and alert other police officers who were on patrol that night.

The two were arrested and locked up at the Central Police Station waiting to be arraigned on Monday for causing disturbance.

Additional Info: Citizen Digital

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