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A Maseno University student has come out to claim that she is responsible for Kambua’s pregnancy following a photo the singer posted on her social media account.

According to Sarah Atieno Julu, Kambua was facing a fierce cyber-bullying due to her childlessness yet it wasn’t her wish not to have a child after her many years of being married.

Sarah says she’s been praying for the gospel songstress and she even made public her intention through a tweet she made on 14th May 2018.

“Am going to set a novena prayer to St JUDE. Praying for Kambua. Be sure you’re going to carry your own baby. #GodLives” Read Sarah’s tweet

Sarah Atieno Julu
Sarah Atieno Julu

Sarah went on to add that despite not knowing Kambua personally, this did not deter her from saying a prayer for her so that she could put her online bullies to shame.

“I used to see her face cyber bully. I’m a woman and seeing a woman face such ddue to lack of a child, it pained me a lot. I felt it, I wish I knew her in person.

The best I could do silently was pray for her. That was the best way I could stand with her being her greatest fan” she wrote

Well, that could be Sarah’s effort being one of the many of Kambua’s fans.

The singer who has been in a marriage for 7 years finally conceived and shared a photo of her beautiful baby bump on last Friday, May 17th.

Congratulations Kambua!

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