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A sad story has emerged online highlighted by a social media user on behalf of a Kisumu woman who’d relocated to in search for greener pastures in Jordan, an Arab country in Western Asia.

The lady, Millicent Akinyi was born in Kisumu but got orphaned, tossing her into an ocean of responsibilities.

She therefore jetted out to Jordan for a domestic job.

Millicent Akinyi PHOTO COURTESY
Millicent Akinyi PHOTO COURTESY

According to the Facebook post seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, Akinyi worked for a family with a female kid who had a sickening habit of smoking sheesha, something the parents tried fighting but in vain.

Well, drama started one evening when the girl was on a smoking spree in the living room in her parents’ absence.

Her mum, Akinyi’s employer came back unexpectedly and the girl rushed to hide the sheesha pot in Akinyi’s room but forgot to put it off.

The burning coal from the sheesha is said to have started a fire, setting the room on fire.

According to the post, Akinyi was not only accused of ‘burning the house’ but also inculpated for stealing.

She was put in prison and has never seen the light of day for the last 4 years.

Her siblings back in Kenya have exhausted all their efforts o try free one of their own as she was their sole breadwinner.

Her Kenyan family are now asking Kenyans of goodwill to assist in any way to help the lady get justice and flown back to the country.

Here’s the maiden post.


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