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Some of the day-to-day problems today include struggling with weight and the struggle to attain an almost perfect health.

Different content is being consumed to curb various bodily disorders and many have turned out to be hazardous, given the types of ingredients and preservatives used in them.

Well, Lollipops Kisumu is a natural juices and smoothie bar located behind Alpha House right opposite Mega Plaza’s rear parking area which provides you with an array of drinks to give you a clean bill of health.

LOLA Skiza

Apart from freshly blended juices, the shop also manufactures a variety of smoothies which greatly improves the functionality of the body.

All these are made from natural veggies and fruits.

These smoothies include:

  • 10-day detox
  • Liver Smoothie
  • Kidney Smoothie and
  • Colon Smoothie

All these have a number of importance in the body which aren’t limited to:

  • Detoxifying the body
  • Weight loss and hormonal imbalance
  • Great source of antioxidants which enhances the immune system.
  • Enriching the body with essential nutrients and high fiber and
  • Revitalizing, rejuvenating and nourishing the body and its vital organs

The shop is open daily from 8AM – 630PM.

For orders and more inquiries, contact Leah on +254 714 327 531.

Smoothie Samples

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