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The 4th edition of Kisumu’s top fashion event, the Plus Size Fashion Affair was a great success considering the attendance and number of sponsors who came on board to aid in its planning.

Held at the Imperial Hotel on Saturday from 830PM, the event celebrated plus sized models who showcased their runway skills cleverly.

A number of designers and fashion enthusiasts also took the opportunity to display their works at the event which was hosted by Kisumu’s MC Nyawawa and singer Matamu.

LOLA Skiza

The event’s CEO Winnie Wenger attributed the success of the event to all those who supported the its marketing online, those purchased tickets and turned up.

“It was a humbling experience and I believe history was made as I have never witnessed a full house event as Kisumu’s Plus Size Fashion Affair 4th Edition” she said

Some of the event’s sponsors included:

  • Joakim Oketch
  • Richard Ogendo
  • Beyond the Mirror Beauty Parlor
  • Jefferson’s
  • Shamim Bridals
  • Kisumu Insyder
  • Royal Dental Clinic
  • Marie Stopes
  • Arthur Swift
  • Tumefika Cabs
  • Jvee Makeup
  • Green Morgan
  • Pamela olwal

Below are a section of photos from the event.

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All Photos Courtesy: KPSFA

The now renowned high-end fashion event was founded in 2015.

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