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Singer Akothee left her over a million online followers with mixed reactions after sharing a rare photo of the man she claimed to have broken her virginity.

Only identified as Jared, the man is the father to Akothee’s three daughters, Vesha, Rue and Fancy Makadia.

In the long post, Akothee recalled how the man had her back after realizing she was pregnant with his first child.

“Even when his parents said no to me, he stood by me, we were thrown out together to go back to the village” wrote akothee

The millionaire singer revealed that at that time, the man was still a student at the Moi University.

At one time while going back to campus, Akothee remembers how ‘Jaro’ dished KES 3,000 from his pocket money for the children’s upkeep, money Akothee used to start a business.

The business expanded from a local grocery shop to a ‘mtumba’ business, a venture that made the mother of 5 a bit stable to continue with her schooling after dropping out following the pregnancy.

Jared & Singer Akothee
Jared & Singer Akothee

The man who is an accountant is now married to another woman and together they have 2 kids.

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