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A Kisumu IT genius through his institution has invented an app that could help reduce chances of the public falling into the hands of cons.

Christened ‘Tapeli’, the Mobile App has been developed to give its users a platform to share experiences with cons so as to prevent more victims from similar scams.

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The mobile app also provides a platform where people can do a simple background check of someone before doing a business transaction with them.

What the app requires:

  1. An outline of the story from start to finish
  2. A photo of the conman/logo of the fraudulent company
  3. Conman’s details (Name, nickname, telephone numbers, vehicle details, their pictures and a description of them)
  4. Dates of experience with them
  5. A police OB Number in case the incident was reported

According to the developer, it is not a revenge platform but an app used to highlight bad experiences people have gone through while doing business with unscrupulous persons.

To limit cases of false information being peddled through the app, before a user posts their story or exposes a con on the app, they are prompted to upload the photo of the suspect and they must have reported to the police station and therefore, a prompt to enter an OB Number will be mandatory.

The above information is required before any information can be uploaded on the app.


The app which is barely a month old is already having hundreds of downloads.

It is currently available on Play Store for Android users and can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

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