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Singer Otile Brown, born Jacob Obunga and Milele FM presenter Phelix Odiwuor popular as Jalang’o have not been seeing eye to eye for months.

Friday, 7th June brought the two together at the Media Max owned station for the first time since their beef season began.

Otile Brown who’d attended the Friday breakfast show at Milele FM was forced to meet Jalang’o who hosts the show alongside Alex Mwakideu.

The two opened up on not being in good terms for sometime now.

Well, according to Otile Brown, Jalang’o has been spreading rumors of having helped him build his career, something the ‘Samantha’ hit-maker says is a big fattened lie.

Singer Otile Brown
Singer Otile Brown

He added that the radio host had at one time only given him six thousand shillings and was making it look like he had invested billions in his music career.

Otile revealed that the people Jalang’o shares the fake news with are the ones who report to him.

Jalang’o however claimed that it’s not about the money but it all started when he called Otile Brown to inform him about an offer whereby a company wanted to use his song in an advert but the singer forced him to talk to his manager, saying that he could not speak to him directly over business.

Milele FM presenter Jalang'o
Milele FM presenter Jalang’o

The musician denied the claim and said that he has never received a call from Jalang’o then directed him to talk to his manager.

He however confirmed that just in case it happens, Jalang’o should be happy about it as not so many Kenyan artists have managers who receive business calls on their behalf.

The two seemed to have quashed their differences at the end of the show.

Here’s the video

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