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Kenyans are well known for finding a playing ground on anything posted on social media, something a number of people relate to cyber-bullying.

Well, popular actress ‘Silprosa’ of ‘Auntie Boss’ local drama on NTV must have understood this very well after K24 making a post about her on Wednesday morning.

The actress who was part of a breakfast panel at the MediaMax owned station alleged that she was single and would like a lifetime partner.

Actress 'Silprosa'
Auntie Boss actress Silprosa

According to a post seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, the actress gave a description of her ideal man and from the comments, trolls didn’t take kindly her words.

“I want a man, whose relationship with money is fit, who focuses on me & who is not the jealous type” she said

The post which has since gone viral attracted many reactions with some savage online bullies taking the opportunity to attack the actress.

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