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A facebook user has left many puzzled after sharing the story of a street kid who narrated to him the ordeals they go through when part of the city finally goes to sleep.

Rege Robert, through a long facebook post disclosed how he met a 12-yr old street kid who asked him for KES 10 around Tumaini supermarket.

He was looking frail and infirm.

Robert ignored him and the street kid broke down, something that drew his attention to confirm what was really wrong with the young boy.

“I promised to give him 200 shillings if he told me what was bothering him and it is at that moment he decided to speak out.

A sombre mood engulfed me as tears rolled down my cheeks when the young man emotionally shared his experience about the sexual abuse he had suffered at the hands of older male street children on a daily basis” Robert wrote

According to the boy, they are repeatedly sodomized by older and stronger street boys who do not care using protection.

The young ones are often assembled before being sexually assaulted one after the other with no chance of screaming as those sodomizing them threaten to take away their lives in case they raise any sort of alarm.

The street kid alleged that whenever they go to the police to report or to the hospital for treatment, they are ignored and given a could shoulder.

Here’s the full post that has left many sympathizing with the young kids on the streets.

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