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In a story we previously did on this website on Monday, July 1st, actress Mishi Dorah left many of her online fans chilled after sharing a bizarre incident that happened wayback in 2014.

A man well known to her shot her before running over her limbs almost killing her, an ordeal that left her bedridden for days in the ICU at a Kisumu hospital.

According to Mishi, she’s not been able to find justice as the man is ‘influential’.

Well, it seems after the renowned actress sharing the story online, the  man threatened her, prompting the Nairobi Diaries actress to pull a quick one and expose the identity of the suspect.

“Threats usually don’t go well with me… I started this…and I must finish it… The little scared gal that I used to be died on that road and died again recently” she wrote

The man known as Libinus Oduor according to the post, is the one responsible for Mishi Dorah’s woes in 2014.

Libinus Oduor
Libinus Oduor

Facts reveal that Libinus Oduor Juma is the sitting MCA for Mayoni ward in Kakamega County.

Earlier in May 2019, he was among 3 arrested in connection with the Matungu killings in Kakamega where over 10 people were butchered within a month.

Mishi’s Incident:

What led to the drama between Oduor and Mishi started on 7th December 2014.

The lass met Mr Oduor in the company of another woman, and he requested her for KES 15,000 to pay bills for his drinks.

“I called the friend who connected us and he assured me that Oduor would pay me back my money.

Instead of KES 15,000, I gave him KES 10,000 which we agreed he was to refund via mobile money transfer,” she said.

Mishi said Oduor only refunded KES 5,000 two days later, which was contrary to their agreement.

He however promised to clear the balance that same evening, something that did not happen.

On the day when Oduor attacked Mishi, the actress said she was attending a friend’s party at a Kisumu club when she spotted the MCA and confronted him over the alleged debt.

“He told me to go sit with my friends and promised to send me money over the phone.

A few minutes later, a friend tipped me off that he was leaving the club hurriedly and I followed him outside. He was in the company of another woman,” she said.

Mishi explained that she found Oduor already in his black vehicle ready to leave and she once again confronted him over the money.

“An argument ensued and he started shouting that he did not know me. He then began chasing me with a gun as people screamed, asking him to leave me alone.

Before I knew it, he entered the car, knocked me down and ran over me as he kept firing in the air,”

Seriously wounded, she was rushed to a nearby city hospital with multiple pelvic bone fractures, a torn ligament and a broken left hip bone.

Contacted for the first time, the MCA denied ever meeting Mishi but when pressed further he admitted knowing her.

“I know this girl and she is the one who borrowed me money and not vice-versa. She borrowed me Sh5,000 which I sent her.

Do I look like I can borrow money from anyone, for what? I could have got a bank overdraft if I needed money,” he said IN A 2014 recorded phone interview

He further claimed that he was not in Kisumu on the fateful night, alleging that he had receipts from a hotel in Eldoret proving where he spent that night.

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