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Celly Rue Brown also popular as Rue Baby is Akothee’s daughter who is considered to have taken too much after her controversial singer mum.

Rue whose modelling career is blossoming at the start of each day is making enormous strides in the fashion industry and getting recognition from all corners of the world.

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Her prowess is giving renowned models sleepless nights.

Well, the petite lass asked her fans to help her choose a good male companion for a vacation.

Her followers gave pieces of their minds from Juma Jux to Otile Brown in a post that attracted hundreds of interactions.

Rue who welcomed the countless feedback turned down suggestions asking her to take with her a light-skinned man.

“I don’t do lightskins plus nitapigwa na mwenyewe na sina uwezo” she reacted

Another fan wanted to know why she’s discriminating light-skinned fellas.

“You don´t do light skins?, wow!, that is so disrespectful and stereotypic, does that mean we are like disabled or something smh!.

this statement just turned me the f* doooown!, and to think I actually thought you were some sort of inspo.👎👎” the irate follower posted


“Don’t get me twisted oga boss. We all have our preferences just coz i love black coffee doesn’t mean white is poison. Enjoy life stop being so serious” rue clapped back

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