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The Ms. President show is currently taking the country by storm as it nears its final stages where a winner will have to be unveiled.

With only 5 candidates remaining in the academy, Betty Aderah according to a larger section of lovers of the show are confident that she could emerge the winner.

Betty who has a skilled digital team to drum for her support on social media has not oly been applauded for her wit and sharp grasp of the presidency but also for the experience she has gained as a social worker through her Betty Adera Foundation.

She is an adolescent and young people’s sexual reproductive health expert.

Kenyans continue to heap praises on Betty following the efforts she has been making in undertaking development programs within Kibera slums and fighting for equal rights for women and children.

Betty Adera
Betty Adera

For beginners, the ‘Ms. President Kenya’ is the first ever of its kind reality series on leadership which premiered on 30th January 2019 and has an objective of seeing tens of women from across Kenya compete to win the ‘Presidency’.

71 contestants were given the opportunity to battle it out for the grand prize in the 26-episode reality television series, as they go through a series of tasks and challenges designed to display their leadership capacity and ability.

Women with exemplary community projects and passionate about bringing social change applied to participate in the show after a call for participation was released in June 2018.

Betty Adera
Betty Adera

After a thorough shortlisting based on the answers submitted in the application forms received from close to a 1000 women from all corners of the country, at least 375 were invited for auditions in five major towns in Kenya.

The women representing the majority of counties across Kenya survived through viewers’ votes and judges’ decisions, until the last one emerges as the “Ms President”.

The winner and the 12 finalists will receive additional leadership mentor-ship opportunities and a surprise prize.

Well, Betty Adera who also refers to herself as the ‘Incoming Ms President Kenya’ being part of the interesting show was born and raised in Wouth Ogik village in Migori County.


She started the Betty Adera Foundation aimed at empowering women economically and to promote peace.

Through her initiative, she has rehabilitated over 100 women who were sunk in drugs, though counselling and training them on marketable causes to enable them sustain themselves economically.

Other Objectives of the Betty Aderah Foundation are to:

  • Reduce new incidences of all forms of Sexual and Gender Based Violence including harassment and bullying.
  • Increase the number of Adolescent Girls and Young Women who become thought leaders, occupy leadership positions and become the next generation of female leaders across all fields and at all levels.
  • Increase employment and growth opportunities for young and talented youths by identifying and nurturing their talents and linkage to local and international opportunities.
  • Stimulate thinking around the meaning, value and everyone’s role in peace building, justice and cohesion with a view to adopt more non-violent conflict resolutions mechanisms at all levels.


The above are indicators of the broad vision Betty has when it comes to serving the community and her prowess in management of day to day crisis.

There will be a voting procedure and a live Presidential Debate that will be useful in determining the ultimate Ms. President.

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