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Former KISS 100 presenter Adelle Onyango called it a day at the Radio Africa owned station to pursue her personal career.

Adelle who is a well known poet, musician, MC, activist and a media personality also runs her Adelle Onyango Foundation.

On Thursday evening, Milele FM’s Jalang’o made a random post with an intention of maybe promoting Adelle’s show #PursePective.

Jalang’o posted a TBT photo of her and the radio queen and claimed that the lass had invited him to be featured on the show in a near future.

“Few moons ago with le siz @adelleonyango… she will be hosting me soon on her new project  #perspective” Jalang’o posted

Adelle however disassociated herself from Jalang’o terming him as a liar and having an unbearable view on femicide.

She said she had not in any way invited Jalang’o to her show because she believes the fella’s view on violence against women is so toxic that she wouldn’t want to promote such on her show.

She even went ahead to remind Jalang’o that her show is also not #Perspective as he’d wrote on the post but #Pursepective.

“1st. It’s Pursepective 2ndly. I haven’t invited you so please don’t allude to that. I still believe you have a very TOXIC review on FEMICIDE that I absolutely will not amplify on my platform!” Adelle trolled jalang’o on the comment section of the now deleted post


For starters, Adelle’s bitterness seems to be pegged on Jalang’os post about Ivy Wangeci, the butchered University student in Eldoret some 3 months ago.

The comedian was roasted online for supporting violence against women who take men’s efforts for granted.

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Many were not pleased with his suggestion and was forced to pull down the post moments after it terribly went south on him.

Here’s what is thought to be the genesis of Adelle’s bitterness with Jalang’o.


Adelle was among those who sharply criticized Jalang’o for publicly supporting femicide.

“This is quite ignorant and reckless. So we must adjust to tolerate murderers? Women have been murdered because of saying NO (something they have the right to say at any moment) and you say this? 37 women since January killed – FEMICIDE and you say this.

It’s exhausting – constantly being told to keep safe because men have decided to be killers! Every woman will tell you how they have to adjust every day actions just so that they don’t suffer the aggression of men.

There is no difference between your train of thought and those that justify rape because they bought drinks. (They too claim drinks to be an “investment”) Don’t teach us how to avoid getting killed – tell them not to kill us, attack us, rape us” Adelle Onyango roasted Jalang’o

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