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Troubled singer Lady Maureen has been facing tribulations from her career to her health in a recent past.

The Ohangla artist who was at one time bedridden for months is slowly recuperating but it seems her life troubles aren’t fully over.

A post seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE reveals that she was conned a sum of KES 56,000 by her male employee.

On Monday, 8th July 2019, the singer asked the employee known as ‘Jandhiwa’ to accompany her to make a cash deposit in a bank.

Lady Maureen
Lady Maureen

Lady Maureen allegedly found a long queue at the bank and handed the sum of money to the fella to deposit as she waited outside in the car.

According to the Facebook post made by Connie Kabarry on Wednesday, the man vanished with the money, taking with him his family and has since not yet been traced.

His phone number ain’t going through either.

Lady Maureen has put KES 3,000 as a cash reward for any information leading to the finding of this fella whose photos appear below.

The singer can also be contacted directly via 0710438671 with such information.

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