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The controversial businesswoman from Ugenya Joyce Akinyi is once again on the spotlight over allegations of drug trafficking.

Akinyi was arrested alongside a Congolese national, at her Deep West club on Langata Road, Nairobi, over the weekend, an operation that saw police seize four kilograms of white powder suspected to be cocaine.

During the arrest, Ms Akinyi was found with Congolese passports bearing her photos but with different names and nationalities.

Joyce Akinyi
Joyce Akinyi

One had the name Eveline Kambere, with the birth place as Goma, Congo. In the photo of Ms Akinyi in this document, her hair had been shaved off.

A second passport has the name Marline Kambuba Mape with the same birth place but in it, Ms Akinyi in in a weave with blonde edges.

However, this is not the first time the controversial life of Joyce Akinyi’s is making headlines, she has in the past been linked to a drug distribution network.

In October 2008, the then Budalangi MP Raphael Wanjala and Joyce Akinyi, who were said to be couple, were arrested at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport on allegations that they were part of a money laundering racket after being found with an equivalent of KES 7.5M in US dollars on them.


They were held at Tihar Prison in India for five months as New Delhi’s revenue intelligence department and the narcotics bureau carried out investigations if the money was to be spent on drugs.

The Kenyan government intervened which saw the two freed.

In 2013, Akinyi and Budalangi and Raphael Wanjala were again arrested by police at Isinya along Nairobi-Namanga highway over claims of drug trafficking.

They were later released however, after they insisting they were carrying maize flour that they had imported from Tanzania.

The last arrest of Joyce Akinyi was in 2015 after being found in possession of a suspicious powder but was later released by the police.

Akinyi’s life also sparked a tremendous attention after she was involved in multiple public squabbles with her ex estranged Nigerian husband, Antony Chinedu.

The two met in 1998, cohabited and sired two children before formalizing their marriage in 2004.


They had fights over property, worth millions of shillings with Deep West club being the centre of the fight.

The Nigerian moved to court seeking to divorce Ms Akinyi over cruelty, adultery and desertion of their marital home.

He accused the then Budalang’i MP Raphael Wanjala of flirting with his estranged wife and annexing his Sh300 million property, claims that the legislator denied.

Chinedu was deported on June 3, 2013 after President Uhuru Kenyatta declared war on drug traffickers hiding in Kenya.

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