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Socialite and actress Bridget Achieng has hit thirty and she’s too excited for it, she can’t keep calm about this thrilling and life changing experience.

The bootylicious mother of one took to her gram account to share photos from her million-dollar birthday party admitting that getting to thirty is the best feeling and most precious experience.

“About last night , a dance with my king, my reason to always step up, celebrated my 30th birthday in style.living a life I could only dream of, out here with my lovely mature friends who I call family, call them when I’m down and up, my business associates and my relatives, my baby@sekani-rich” wrote Achieng

The Nairobi Diaries act has had twist and turns that life can offer and on this particular birthday she lauded her achievements, greatest of them being her son and friends and family who have stood with her.

“God gave me my heart desires, at 30 I run multiple businesses, I have my son and friends who turned to family, I celebrate with them, they showered me with love and gifts.” Achieng added

The birthday party which went down at a posh city restaurant saw Bridget showered with expensive gifts including a brand new car.

Check out the photos below.

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