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The Kisumu Governor, father to celebrated Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o has revealed the reason behind her first name.

In a video while being interviewed by renowned TV girl Lilian Muli, Nyong’o disclosed that her daughter was born in Mexico in 1983.

“The word LUPITA has a double meaning. It comprises of two words put into one” the governor said.

According to his explanation, the first word is ‘Lu’ which in Luo means ‘to follow’ and the second word is ‘Pita’, which stands for ‘Peter’, his first name.

So, the little girl was named ‘Lupita’ to mean ‘the girl who followed her dad to Mexico’.

He further revealed that he’s happy his children having taken after his thespian skills as he acted both in high school and college.

He was therefore pleased to encourage them particularly Lupita, who growing up liked acting and that has led her to be an Oscar award winning actress.

The Governor said that being a celebrity has greatly affected Lupita’s personal life.

“Being a celebrity, she can not just come home like that, otherwise journalists will be all over and this will make her not enjoy some peaceful time at home with family and friends.” Nyong’o said

Here’s the full interview, courtesy of Citizen TV.

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